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The Convergence of Two Algorithms for Compressed Sensing Based Tomography
Advanced in Computed Tomography
  • Xiezhang Li, Georgia Southern University
  • Jiehua Zhu, Georgia Southern University
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The constrained total variation minimization has been developed successfully for image reconstruction in computed tomography. In this paper, the block component averaging and diagonally-relaxed orthogonal projection methods are proposed to incorporate with the total variation minimization in the compressed sensing framework. The convergence of the algorithms under a certain condition is derived. Examples are given to illustrate their convergence behavior and noise performance.


Comment: Article is published under the Creative Commons license (CC BY or CC BY-NC). Article obtained from the Advances in Computed Tomography. (Creative Commons Attribution License link does not work)

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Xiezhang Li and Jiehua Zhu. "The Convergence of Two Algorithms for Compressed Sensing Based Tomography" Advanced in Computed Tomography Vol. 1 Iss. 3 (2012) p. 32 - 38
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