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Core Capabilities, Decision Making Norms, and Operational Innovation
75th Annual Academy of Management Meeting (2015)
  • Jie G. McCardle, Georgia Southern University
  • Thomas J. Kull, Arizona State University
  • Zhongzhi Liu, Arizona State University
  • Dennis Krumwiede, Idaho State University
Firm-specific and path dependent resources and capabilities can fuel innovation. In this study, we posit and examine the unique contribution of several core capabilities toward operational innovation in manufacturing plants. We find that engineering capability, technical capability, and proprietary resources have strong impact on both process and product innovation. We also examine the role of decision culture, as a unique core capability, in innovation. The results support a complementary model of dual process of decision making: both analytic and tacit norms positively contribute to innovation. Tacit decision norm also positively moderates the relationship between engineering capability and process innovation. In addition, our analysis shows an indirect mediating relationship between process innovation, product innovation, and new product performance. Our study highlights the strategic importance of developing a decision culture that integrates the paradoxical analytic and tacit decision approaches, besides the knowledge and skills capabilities, in the pursuit of innovation effectiveness.
  • Core capabilities,
  • Decision making norms,
  • Operational innovation
Publication Date
August, 2015
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Citation Information
Jie G. McCardle, Thomas J. Kull, Zhongzhi Liu and Dennis Krumwiede. "Core Capabilities, Decision Making Norms, and Operational Innovation" 75th Annual Academy of Management Meeting (2015)
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