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National Animal Biology Technology Symposium V (2010)
  • Xinxing Dong, China Agricultural University
  • Yi Xin, China Agricultural University
  • Ying Bai, China Agricultural University
  • Yunzhou Yang, China Agricultural University
  • Jibin Zhang, China Agricultural University
  • Meiying Fang, China Agricultrual University
  • Gang Chen, Chinese Academy of Agricultrual Sciences
3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases (HSDs) and 17βHSDs are pivotal enzymes involved in synthesis, activation and deactivation of steroid hormones. Therefore, they play an important role to maintain homeostasis of hormone and regulate the synthesis and metabolism of hormones, and they are also related to metabolism of androstenone which can cause boar taint in male pigs. Through ligation of different PCR fragments of these genes from Large White pigs to pGL3-basic plasmid and subsequent transient transfection of constructed vectors into HepG2 cell culture, we found that the fragment from -1038bp to 45bp in porcine 3βHSD gene and the fragment from -966bp to 39bp in porcine 17βHSD gene have the ability to initiate the transcription of reporter gene in the plasmid. In transcriptional activity is most dynamic in the region -574bp to 45 bp in 3βHSD gene and -226bp to 39bp in 17βHSD. Transcriptional factor binding sites were predicted based on relative expression of luciferase in the cell culture. We found that SRY, Nuclear Factor I and Fork Head Domain factors are possible transcriptional factors that can bind to the region from -828bp to -574bp in 3βHSD gene, and DM Domain-containing Transcriptional Factors, Fork Head Domain Factors and Homeodomain Transcription Factors can bind to the region from -966bp to -723bp in 17βHSD gene. This study provides better understanding of expression regulation of 3βHSD and 17βHSD genes and specific targets for controlling boar taint in male pigs through modification of these genes.
Publication Date
Winter 2010
Citation Information
Xinxing Dong, Yi Xin, Ying Bai, Yunzhou Yang, et al.. "3HSDs1和17HSDs7基因5'上游区转录活性研究.pdf" National Animal Biology Technology Symposium V (2010)
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