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PAG 2017 poster _ Jibin Zhang.pdf
Plant & Animal Genome Conference XXV (2017)
  • Jibin Zhang, Iowa State University
  • Michael G. Kaiser, Iowa State University
  • Melissa S. Herrmann, Iowa State University
  • Rodrigo A Gallardo, University of California, Davis
  • David A Bunn, University of California, Davis
  • Terra R Kelly, University of California, Davis
  • Jack C. M. Dekkers, Iowa State University
  • Huaijun Zhou, University of California, Davis
  • Susan J. Lamont, Iowa State University
Velogenic Newcastle disease virus (NDV) causes global economic losses in the poultry industry. Although proper vaccination does prevent outbreaks of ND, genetic selection for enhanced resistance to NDV offers a complementary approach to disease prevention. Understanding the gene expression changes induced by ND infection will help to elucidate mechanisms of host resistance and susceptibility.
Two distinct and highly inbred chicken lines - Fayoumi and Leghorn - were studied as relatively ND-resistant and susceptible models, respectively. Equal numbers of birds from each line were inoculated with LaSota strain NDV (or saline control) through nasal and ocular routes at 21 days of age. Viral load in lachrymal fluid was measured at 2 days post inoculation (dpi) and 6dpi. Gene expression in spleen was analyzed by RNA-seq at the same ages.
For a comparison between the challenged and control birds, the Fayoumi line showed much fewer differentially expressed (DE) genes at both 2dpi and 6dpi (false discovery rate < 0.1), than the Leghorn chickens. In both chicken lines, one module in co-expression analysis by WGCNA showed a high positive correlation (r=0.75) with viral titer in the chickens’ lachrymal fluid, and genes in this module showed top clustering in antiviral and innate immune response in functional annotation analysis.  Ingenuity Pathway Analysis predicted the most dramatic upregulation of pathways involved in immune function in challenged Leghorn at 2dpi, such as T helper cell differentiation pathway. The identified DE genes and pathways provide potential targets for genetic selection of chickens with enhanced resistance to NDV.
  • Newcastle disease,
  • Gene expression,
  • RNA-seq analysis,
  • Chicken,
  • Fayoumi,
  • Leghorn,
  • Spleen
Publication Date
Winter January 14, 2017
San Diego, California
Citation Information
Jibin Zhang, Michael G. Kaiser, Melissa S. Herrmann, Rodrigo A Gallardo, et al.. "PAG 2017 poster _ Jibin Zhang.pdf" Plant & Animal Genome Conference XXV (2017)
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