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An Efficient Parallel Algorithm with Application to Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computers & Mathematics with Applications
  • W. Rivera, University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez
  • Jianping Zhu, Cleveland State University
  • D. Huddleston, Mississippi State University
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When solving time-dependent partial differential equations on parallel computers using the nonoverlapping domain decomposition method, one often needs numerical boundary conditions on the boundaries between subdomains. These numerical boundary conditions can significantly affect the stability and accuracy of the final algorithm. In this paper, a stability and accuracy analysis of the existing methods for generating numerical boundary conditions will be presented, and a new approach based on explicit predictors and implicit correctors will be used to solve convection-diffusion equations on parallel computers, with application to aerospace engineering for the solution of Euler equations in computational fluid dynamics simulations. Both theoretical analyses and numerical results demonstrate significant improvement in stability and accuracy by using the new approach.
Citation Information
Rivera, W., Zhu, J., and Huddleston, D. (2003). An Efficient parallel algorithm with application to computational fluid dynamics. Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 45(1-3), 165 - 188, doi: 10.1016/S0898-1221(03)80013-5.