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On the Parallelization of CH3D
Water Resources Engineering '98
  • Jianping Zhu, Cleveland State University
  • Billy H. Johnson
  • P. Banglore
  • D. H. Huddleston
  • A. Skjellum
Document Type
Conference Proceeding
Publication Date
This report summarizes the work on parallelizing the CH3D code. It covers basic mathematical models, numerical algorithms used in the code, parallelization strategies, code modifications, numerical experiments, and recommendations for further efficiency improvement.
Citation Information
Zhu, J., Johnson, B., Banglore, P., Huddleston, D., and Skjellum, A. (1998), On the parallelization of CH3D, in Proceedings of the 1998 International Water Resources Engineering Conference, 1108 - 1113, Abt, Young-Pezeshk, and Watson Eds. American Society of Civil Engineering, Reston, Virginia.