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On Building a Parallel Version of a “Real Gas” Flow Solver
Nonlinear Problems in Aviation and Aerospace
  • Ricolindo L. Cariño, University of Philippines
  • C. Cox, CEWES-MRSC
  • Jianping Zhu, Cleveland State University
  • P. Cinnella, Mississippi State University
Document Type
Contribution to Books
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(First paragraph) This study details the parallelization of a three-dimensional flow solver, which has been used for the numerical simulation of problems involving arbitrary mixtures of thermally perfect gases. Local chemical equilibrium is assumed to exist at every point in the flowfield, which allows for an inexpensive inclusion of high-temperature high-velocity effects ("real gas" effects) in the physical modeling. The solution procedure is by no means limited to external flows in air, and has been applied to fuel/air and weakly ionized plasma mixtures as well.
Citation Information
Carino, R., Cox, C., Zhu, J., and Cinnella, P. (1999). On Building a Parallel Version of a “Real Gas” Flow Solver. Nonlinear Problems in Aviation and Aerospace, 195 - 208. Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, London, UK.