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About Jianjun Hu

Dr. Hu's research interests are in the area of bioinformatics, machine learning, evolutionary computation, and data mining. The rapid accumulation of large-scale high-throughput biological data such as genome sequences, microarray gene expression, and protein-protein interactions are creating a great opportunity for biological knowledge discovery and mining. His major research focus is to integrate heterogeneous data and algorithms to understand signals, logic, and models in gene regulatory networks, protein localization, and virtual screening. He is also interested in hybrid machine learning and evolutionary algorithms as well as automated evolutionary design. Ongoing research efforts include decoding the protein "zip code", the signals during protein subcellular localization, microarray analysis, virtual screening, and computational material discovery.


Present Associate Professor, University of South Carolina - Columbia

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Computational Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Bioinformatics

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Contact Information

Phone: (803) 777-7304

Computer Engineering (36)