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Three-Dimensional Graphene-Polypyrrole Hybrid Electrochemical Actuator
  • Jiang Liu
  • Z. Wang
  • Yang Zhao
  • Huhu Cheng
  • Chuangang Hu
  • Lan Jiang, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Liangti Qu
Bai, Chunli

The advancement of mechanical actuators benefits from the development of new structural materials with prominent properties. a novel three-dimensional (3D) hydrothermally converted graphene and polypyrrole (G-PPy) hybrid electrochemical actuator is presented, which is prepared via a convenient hydrothermal process, followed by in situ electropolymerization of pyrrole. the 3D pore-interconnected G-PPy pillar exhibits strong actuation responses superior to pure graphene and PPy film. in response to the low potentials of ±0.8 V, the saturated strain of 3D G-PPy pillar can reach a record of 2.5%, which is more than 10 times higher than that of carbon nanotube film and about 3 times that of unitary graphene film under an applied potential of ±1.2 V. Also, the 3D G-PPy actuator exhibits high actuation durability with high operating load as demonstrated by an 11 day continuous measurement. Finally, a proof-of-concept application of 3D G-PPy as smart filler for on/off switch is also demonstrated, which indicates the great potential of the 3D G-PPy structure developed in this study for advanced actuator systems.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
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Jiang Liu, Z. Wang, Yang Zhao, Huhu Cheng, et al.. "Three-Dimensional Graphene-Polypyrrole Hybrid Electrochemical Actuator" Nanoscale (2012) ISSN: 2040-3364
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