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Lessons learned from a two-year experience in science data literacy education
International Association of Scientific and Technological University Libraries, 31st Annual Conference
  • Jian Qin, Syracuse University
  • John D'Ignazio, Syracuse University
Forney Hall (FRNY) B124
Session Number
Session 06
Start Date
22-6-2010 10:30 AM
End Date
22-6-2010 11:30 AM
In spring 2008 and 2009, we offered a course “Scientific Data Management” to undergraduate and graduate students from science and technology majors with support from an NSF CCLI (award #0633447) grant. We actively advertised the course on campus and conducted outreach efforts to individual classes and faculty representing a wide range of science and technology disciplines. Each time the course was offered, we conducted pre- and post-course surveys to assess the instructional effectiveness and learning outcomes. This paper will describe our experience as well as lessons learned in three areas: science faculty perceptions on data management, effect of science curriculum structures on data literacy education, and changes of students’ perceptions and aptitudes, and discuss how the lessons learned will help shape our e- science Librarianship curriculum development, which is being funded by IMLS.
Citation Information
Jian Qin and John D'Ignazio. "Lessons learned from a two-year experience in science data literacy education" (2010)
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