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Bridging VisTrails Scientific Workflow Management System to High Performance Computing
EEE 2013 7th International Workshop on Scientific Workflows (SWF) (2013)
  • Jia Zhang
  • Petr Votava
  • Tsengdar J. Lee
  • Owen Chu
  • Clyde Li
  • David Liu
  • Kate Liu
  • Norman Xin
  • Ramakrishna Nemani
NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) is a collaboration platform whose goal is to accelerate Earth science research, by leveraging NASA’s vast collections of global satellite data together with access to NASA’s High-End Computing (HEC) facilities. NEX also aims to facilitate the sharing of experimental results as well as scientific processes (workflows) with the Earth science community through integration with VisTrails workflow management system. While VisTrails is used internally, it is not easily accessible from remote computers without directly logging into the NASA HEC systems through two-factor authentication and a bastion host. This paper describes the initial design of an extensible architecture that facilitates easier workflow interaction on NEX, by enabling users to develop and execute workflows in a supercomputing environment directly from their local VisTrails installation. This architecture helps domain scientists seamlessly leverage distributed computing and storage resources and it is potentially applicable to other scientific workflow management software. We further describe the architecture of the VisTrails-HEC plugin (as well as the VisTrails-Amazon plugin) and the implementation of a working prototype to demonstrate the feasibility of our solution.
  • Workflow management
Publication Date
June 27, 2013
Citation Information
Jia Zhang, Petr Votava, Tsengdar J. Lee, Owen Chu, Clyde Li, David Liu, Kate Liu, Norman Xin, Ramakrishna Nemani, “Bridging VisTrails Scientific Workflow Management System to High Performance Computing”, IEEE 2013 7th International Workshop on Scientific Workflows (SWF), in Proceedings of 2013 IEEE 9th World Congress on Services (SERVICES), Jun. 27-Jul. 2, 2013, Santa Clara, CA, USA, pp. 29-36.