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Collaborative Scientific Workflows
Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS) (2009)
  • Shiyong Lu
  • Jia Zhang
In recent years, a number of scientific workflow management systems (SWFMSs) have been developed to help domain scientists synergistically integrate distributed computations, datasets, and analysis tools to enable and accelerate scientific discoveries. As more scientific research projects become collaborative in nature, there is a compelling need of dedicated services to support collaborative scientific workflows on the Internet. This paper reviews the state of the art of the field of scientific workflows towards the support of collaborative scientific workflows, identifies critical research challenges, and presents our ongoing research work aiming to study how to create services supporting collaborative scientific workflows.
  • Collaborative scientific workflows,
  • workflow model,
  • provenance model,
  • collaboration model
Publication Date
July, 2009
Citation Information
Shiyong Lu and Jia Zhang, “Collaborative Scientific Workflows”, Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS), Los Angeles, CA, USA, Jul. 6-10, 2009, pp. 527-534.