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About Ji-Huan He

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I studied Construction Engineering in the middle 1980s in Xi’an University of Architecture & Technology, China, and received my master degree of mechanical engineering in 1990 from Shanghai University, China, my thesis was Reliability Analysis of Pneumatical Cylinders. Subsequently I worked as an engineer in two manufactories for about 3 years. In late 1993 I became a Ph.D. candidate in Shanghai University where I studied aerodynamics and calculus of variations. In my Ph.D. thesis (defended in 1997) I proposed a new method called the semi-inverse method to search for variational principles in fluids. At that time, the finite element method became popular in China, and there was not a universal approach to establishment of a variational formulation directly from the governing equations and boundary/initial conditions. Lagrange multiplier method is the most used method, but the method becomes invalid for some special cases (e.g. the multiplier is vanishing), the semi-inverse method was originally suggested to eliminate the demerit of the Lagrange multiplier method, and it has become a useful mathematical tool to the establishment of a variational formulation for a real-life problem.
After graduation, I focused myself on variational theory for smart material and fluid mechanics, and then I turned my interest into analytical methods for nonlinear equations, and suggested some new approximate analytical methods, e.g., the variational iteration method, the homotopy perturbation method, and the parameter-expansion method, which are now widely used to solve various nonlinear equations.
In 2002, I moved to Donghua University doing research work on nanotechnology. Our group devised some new devices for producing nanofibers, such as vibration-electrospinning and megnetio-electrospinning. Just few months ago, we mimicked the possible mechanism of spider-spinning, and suggested a new method called the bubble-electrospinning for producing nanofibers with high-throughput.
By the way, I am also interest in biology and high-energy physics, and published some papers on allometric scaling and E-infinity theory.

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