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Development and Validation of an Open Ended Assessment - Creative Excercises
SoTL Commons Conference
  • Jessica Orvis, Georgia Southern University
  • Deborah Sauder, Georgia Gwinnett College
Proposal Abstract
Nationally standardized multiple choice exams are used heavily in assessment of many fields. While these exams can provide valuable information about student learning, many educators believe that multiple choice exams are too limiting. The presenters advocate for the addition of a more open ended assessment that would measure student learning of a different type, while still being incorporated within a conventional exam. This session focuses on a new open ended assessment called the Creative Exercise (CE) which consists of a prompt, leading students to write down a limited number of distinct, correct and relevant facts about the prompt. Participants will learn to write and score CEs for their discipline area. Soon-to-be published data indicating effectiveness and validity of CEs in the area of chemistry will be presented. Participants will end the session discussing the qualities of a good CE and its implementation in assessment practices.
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Jessica Orvis and Deborah Sauder. "Development and Validation of an Open Ended Assessment - Creative Excercises" (2011)
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