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Institutional Repository Platforms
Institutional Repositories: Disseminating, Promoting, and Preserving Scholarship
  • Jean-Gabriel Bankier, President, The Berkeley Electronic Press
  • Kenning Arlitsch, Associate Director for Information Technology Services, Marriott Library, University of Utah
  • Jessica Branco Colati, ADR Project Director, Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
  • Sue Kunda, Digital Production Librarian, Oregon State University
Merrill-Cazier Library room 101
Start Date
9-30-2009 10:30 AM
End Date
9-30-2009 11:30 AM
J.G. Bankier will be speaking on Digital Commons, a hosted platform by The Berkeley Electronic Press. Kenning Arlitsch will be speaking on CONTENTdm, a platform by OCLC. Jessica Colati will be speaking about Fedora. Sue Kunda will be speaking about dSpace.
Citation Information
Jean-Gabriel Bankier, Kenning Arlitsch, Jessica Branco Colati and Sue Kunda. "Institutional Repository Platforms" (2009)
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