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Examination of Cataloging Assessment Values Using the Q Sort Method
Cataloging & Classification Quarterly
  • Jessica Schomberg, Minnesota State University - Mankato
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The intent of this project was to identify whether there is a gap between catalogers’ personal values related to cataloging assessment and their perceptions of their institutions’ values. This article uses Q methodology to contrast those perspectives. The Q-statements for this study were based on the discourse represented in a literature review of articles related to cataloging assessment. A factor analysis of Q-sorts was used to identify themes in participant perceptions. The patterns identified support the research question, while also suggesting that consensus may be built around the ideas of usability, service, and access.
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0
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Schomberg, J. (2016). Examination of Cataloging Assessment Values Using the Q Sort method. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 54(1), 1-22.