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Expanding a Collection to Reflect Diverse User Populations
Collection Building
  • Jessica Schomberg, Minnesota State University - Mankato
  • Michelle Grace
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The purpose of this article is to include multicultural/multilingual materials in academic library collections to reflect the heritage of native‐born, naturalized and international students. A collection development project on Somalis and Somalia was done at Minnesota State University, Mankato. This article exemplifies the opportunities and difficulties involved, from requesting funds through impact on the collection. The collection now more accurately reflects student and regional population without a major shift away from curriculum needs. Adding materials based on students' heritage helps create a welcoming atmosphere for all populations while providing materials with which to counter prejudices and to increase the knowledge base and communicative competencies of those unused to multicultural settings.
Citation Information
Schomberg, J. and Grace, M. (2005). Expanding a collection to reflect diverse user populations. Collection Building, 24(4), 124‐126.