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Postmodern Medievalisms
  • Richard Utz, University of Northern Iowa
  • Jesse Swan, University of Northern Iowa

Bringing together significant statements on postmodern qualities of the invocation of the medieval, Postmodern Medievalisms is a cross-disciplinary and international collection. The volume also effects a critically celebratory appreciation of the intellectual and political possibilities of the many inchoate modes implicit in various acts of 'postmodern' scholarship. The essays treat texts from the late middle ages to the contemporary moment, and together they indicate, broadly, what is happening both in postmodern studies and studies in medievalism. The fourteen essays of the collection are organized into four sections, Music (including Pavel Chinizul, Negru Voda, Arvo Part), Art and Architecture (contemporary architecture, Robert Rauschenberg and more), Cinema (Tolkien, Bresson, 'Braveheart' among the matters discussed), and Literature (including Sir John Mandeville, Marco Polo, Marvel, Naomi Mitchison).Contributors: FLORIN CURTA, PAUL MURPHY, LEOPOLD BRAUNEISS, JOHN M. GANIM, KARL FUGELSO, VERLYN FLIEGER, WILLIAM D. PADEN, BRTIAN LEVY, LESLEY COOTE, A.E. CHRISTA CANITZ, JENNIFER COOLEY, PAUL SMETHURST, ELENA LEVY-NAVAFRO, ANITA OBERMEIER. SYLVIA MITTLER.

  • Medievalism,
  • Postmodernity
Publication Date
Richard Utz and Jesse G. Swan
Boydell & Brewer
Studies in Medievalism
Citation Information
Richard Utz and Jesse Swan. Postmodern Medievalisms. Cambridge(2005)
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