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Trendy solutions: Why do states adopt Sustainable Energy Portfolio Standards?
Energy Policy (2009)
  • Jess Chandler, Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus

Thirty-four states had adopted Sustainable Energy Portfolio Standards (SEPS) or similar goals by the end of 2008, with 14 adoptions since 2006. There appears to be something trendy about SEPS and states may adopt SEPS when internal variables would indicate otherwise. This analysis extends the current discussion of SEPS adoption beyond internal variables, relying on innovation and diffusion theory. Logistic regression with SEPS adoption as the dependent variable is used to test internal determinants and diffusion measures for the years 1997–2008. Of the internal determinants variables, affluence and government ideology were found to be positive and significant. The results show that regional and neighbor diffusion variables are significant in SEPS adoption decisions—even when accounting for ideological distance from previous adopters.

  • portfolio standards,
  • policy diffusion
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Jess Chandler. "Trendy solutions: Why do states adopt Sustainable Energy Portfolio Standards?" Energy Policy Vol. 37 Iss. 8 (2009)
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