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Monte Cox Interviewed by Jerry Rushford
Pepperdine People Podcast (2011)
  • Jerry Rushford, Pepperdine University
"Through a Glass Dimly: Christian Knowing in a Pluralistic World" was the topic of the 32nd annual William M. Green Distinguished Christian Scholar Lecture. Monte Cox, dean of the College of Bible and Religion at Harding University, sat down with Jerry Rushford, director of Church Relations, to discuss the epistemological shift driving worldview-level changes in Western culture and offered a Christian response to those changes.
  • Christianity,
  • epistemological shift,
  • worldview,
  • changes,
  • Western culture,
  • Christian response
Publication Date
November, 2011
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Jerry Rushford. "Monte Cox Interviewed by Jerry Rushford" Pepperdine People Podcast (2011)
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