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About Jerry L. Grenard

My research interest is the influence of memory processes on decision making and health behavior among adolescents. According to dual process theories, deliberative processes that we typically consider to be involved in decision making are contrasted with more spontaneous processes such as cognitive biases and heuristics. Our current research is examining the interaction of these two processes such that a higher capacity for deliberative processing (i.e., working memory capacity) can moderate the influence of spontaneous associations in memory on health behavior. We have observed this effect in substance use and in HIV risk behavior.
The combined influence of the two processes is important to consider in the design of health promotion interventions. We are currently developing interventions to influence associations that spontaneously come to mind in high risk situations such as substance use or risky sex at a party on Friday night. I am particularly interested, however, in applying dual process-based interventions to adherence to medical therapies. In addition, I am very interested in the translation of the National Diabetes Prevention Program for delivery among underserved populations in community clinics and other venues.


Present Faculty Member, Claremont Graduate University

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