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About Jerry Chi

Dr. Jerry Chi is the Professor of Management, Graduate Program Director, and Assistant Dean of the Business department at Andrews University. He arrived to the University on July 1, 2012.
He has served at Taiwan Adventist College as an instructor for four years (1985-1989) and has served at Southwestern Adventist University as a business professor for 16 years since 1996. As the Business Department Chair and MBA Program Director at SWAU, he was also awarded Educator of the Year in 2007 at Southwestern Adventist University with five committees' votes. After he arrived at Andrews University in 2012 to assume the Assistant Dean and MBA program director, he also won the Best Graduate Teacher Teaching Award in 2013 and the Best Undergraduate Teacher Teaching Excellence Award in 2014.
He received his B.A. in Theology, B. B. A. in Business Administration (Accounting), M.B.A. in Business Administration, Ph.D. in Leadership and Administration with minor in Business Management, a second Ph.D. in EAF Statistics and Research Evaluation (Quantitative Methods). Dr. Chi is currently working on his third Ph.D. in e-Commerce and Marketing.
Dr. Chi's instructional goal is to provide interdisciplinary education for business students and professionals. His instructional strategy is to integrate the professional computer skills, research methods, theories, application and project techniques all together for the business courses he teaches. During the year of 2001-2002, Dr. Chi and two MBA students successfully programmed a distance learning online platform and named it as the Southwestern e-Learning System. The platform has been successfully implemented on the SWAU campus for 7 years (1999-2006). He is a certified piano teacher with a teaching certification from the London Royal Music School and a first professional violinist with experiences serving several city orchestras and symphonies in Illinois. He has also won second place twice in U.S. university table tennis tournament. He also enjoys playing basketball and baseball.


Present Professor of Management, Andrews University
Present Assistant Dean/Graduate Director, Andrews University

Curriculum Vitae


PhD, Illinois State University
BA, Taiwan Adventist College
MBA, Andrews University
BBA, Taiwan Adventist College
PhD, Andrews University

Contact Information

Office: 203 Chan Shun Hall
Phone: 269-471-6859


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