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Working with Children as Design Partners: Ethical Considerations
  • Jerry Alan Fails, Montclair State University
  • Mona Leigh Guha, University of Maryland
This short paper presents several important ethical considerations for designers and researchers working with children as technology design partners. Involving children in the design process gives them a voice in the design of technologies intended to be used by them. One important ethical consideration is to ensure there are benefits to the users – in our case that there are benefits to the children as they participate in the design process. Other ethical considerations are discussed.
  • cooperative inquiry,
  • children,
  • participatory design,
  • social,
  • adventures
Publication Date
February 15, 2014
Workshop Paper for CSCS in Baltimore, MD.
Citation Information
Jerry Alan Fails and Mona Leigh Guha. "Working with Children as Design Partners: Ethical Considerations" (2014)
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