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About Jeroen Gerrits

Jeroen Gerrits is Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Director of Graduate Studies. He obtained an MA in philosophy from the University of Amsterdam (2004) and a Ph.D. in comparative literature from the Johns Hopkins Humanities Center (2011). He teaches on and conducts research in film and new media theory and criticism, with special interests in world cinema, in digital literature, and in complex narrative. Jeroen taught as Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Comparative Literature before joining the faculty in 2013. 
His recent courses and seminars include: Philosophy of New Media; Philosophy of Film; Deleuze, Literature and Cinema; Film Adaptation; Surrealism in Literature and Film; Introduction to World Cinema; Gangster Film in East and West; Independent American Film; Introduction to European Cinema; Digital Literature; Narrative in the Digital Age.
Jeroen is currently working on a book manuscript entitled Cinematic Skepticism: Film Philosophy in World Cinema and Docufiction, which connects Gilles Deleuze and Stanley Cavell's ontological and skeptical questions in relation to film and opens them up to current developments in film practice. He is also writing a series of essays on complex narrative in contemporary American TV series, several of which (on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and "24") have been published as individual pieces. He further published several articles and book chapters on film and philosophy, especially on Stanley Cavell's work, and is developing a new book project on digital poetry, with a special focus on its relation to film


Present Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature, Binghamton University--SUNY

Honors and Awards

  • 2-year Mellon Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Richard Macksey Fellowship
  • Dean's Teaching Fellowship
  • Prize Teaching Fellowship


September 2011 Ph.D, Johns Hopkins University ‐ Humanities Center
May 2007 Visiting Student, Harvard University ‐ Department of Visual and Enviornmental Studies
June 2004 M.A., University of Amsterdam ‐ Philosophy
August 1999 B.A., University of Tilburg ‐ Academy of Journalism and Public Relations