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Classroom Polling Software for Use with Mobile and Web-Based Devices
Presented at the North Dakota EPSCoR State Conference (2014)
  • Nick Renford
  • Jeremy Straub
  • Scott Kerlin

The goal of this project is to create an interface for Android, iOS, and Win-dows Phone smartphones, as well as a web interface that will act as a “clicker”. The instructors will be able to send out questions, and the students will be able to answer the questions, and get feedback if the instructor wants them to have it. The teacher can decide whether the feedback is instant or manually initiated, and what format the response will be, whether it includes the correct answer, and what type of chart, if any, indicating the most com-monly selected answer(s). There will be several question types, including (but not limited to), multiple choice with single answers, multiple choice with several answers, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, and matching. The instructor will also see several other question types that will create a question with pre-defined answers (for example, true-false questions will be a multiple choice question with two answers predefined, one being true and the other false. Ideally, there will also be another device that will be for sale or rent for stu-dents that do not own a smartphone. The design of the application will be a backend on a UND controlled serv-er, including a database of users, questions, responses, etc. There will be a light, frontend application for each of the desired platforms that will integrate with the backend, making a seamless application. Ideally, time and ability permitting, the application will be able to integrate with Blackboard services and update grades by teacher request based on a single or series of ques-tions.

  • Classroom Polling Software,
  • Mobile,
  • Web,
  • Device,
  • Clicker
Publication Date
April, 2014
Citation Information
Nick Renford, Jeremy Straub and Scott Kerlin. "Classroom Polling Software for Use with Mobile and Web-Based Devices" Presented at the North Dakota EPSCoR State Conference (2014)
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