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OpenOrbiter Combined Software Work Breakdown Structure
2nd Annual North Dakota Space Robotics Forum (2013)
  • Jeremy Straub
  • Timothy Whitney
  • Tyler Leben
  • Kelton Karboviak
  • Zach Maguire
  • Christoffer Korvald
  • Scott Kerlin

As part of CSCI 297, students created work breakdown structures for different areas of the OpenOrbiter project’s software groups. In CSCI 207, they learned about all aspects of project management via experiential learning. They acted as project management ‘consultants’ to the OpenOrbiter software teams. To facilitate the creation of the work breakdown structures, they interviewed team leads, attended team meetings and discussed current progress and needs with members of the teams. In some cases, they collected additional information from reference sources and/or spoke with other teams which would be the ‘customer’ of a particular area of the software system. These work breakdown structures were refined in class. What is presented below is the final, combined, work breakdown structure for the entire OpenOrbiter project, based upon the combination of the student-produced single area work breakdown structures.

  • work breakdown structure,
  • project management,
  • small spacecraft,
  • cubesat,
  • OpenOrbiter
Publication Date
December, 2013
Citation Information
Jeremy Straub, Timothy Whitney, Tyler Leben, Kelton Karboviak, et al.. "OpenOrbiter Combined Software Work Breakdown Structure" 2nd Annual North Dakota Space Robotics Forum (2013)
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