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High Resolution Spectroscopy of Some Very Active Southern Stars
The Astrophysical Journal
  • David R Soderblom, Space Telescope Science Institute
  • Jeremy R King, Clemson University
  • Todd J Henry, Harvard University
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The American Astronomical Society
We have obtained high-resolution echelle spectra of 18 solar-type stars that an earlier survey showed to have very high levels of Ca II H and K emission. Most of these stars belong to close binary systems, but five remain as probable single stars or well-separated binaries that are younger than the Pleiades on the basis of their lithium abundances and Hα emission. Three of these probable single stars also lie more than 1 mag above the main sequence in a color-magnitude diagram, and appear to have ages of 10 to 15 Myr. Two of them, HD 202917 and HD 222259, also appear to have a kinematic association with the pre–main-sequence multiple system HD 98800.
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