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Low-Cost Rural Surface Alternatives: Demonstration Project - Tech Transfer Summary
InTrans Project Reports (2015). (2015)
  • Cheng Li, Iowa State University
  • Jeramy C Ashlock, Iowa State University
  • David White, Iowa State University
  • Pavana Vennapusa, Iowa State University
A field demonstration project was conducted in Hamilton County, Iowa to compare the relative performance, durability, and costs of several stabilization methods for preventing or mitigating freeze-thaw damage to granular surfaced roads.
  • freeze-thaw,
  • granular surfaced roads,
  • low-volume roads,
  • mechanistic-based performance,
  • soil stabilization,
  • thaw weakening
Publication Date
June, 2015
Publisher Statement
The mission of the Institute for Transportation (InTrans) at Iowa State University is to develop and implement innovative methods, materials, and technologies for improving transportation efficiency, safety, reliability, and sustainability while improving the learning environment of students, faculty, and staff in transportation-related fields. The sponsors of this research are not responsible for the accuracy of the information presented herein. The conclusions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the sponsors.
Citation Information
Cheng Li, Jeramy C. Ashlock, David White, and Pavana Vennapusa. "Low-Cost Rural Surface Alternatives: Demonstration Project - Tech Transfer Summary" InTrans Project Reports (2015).