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Fostering Preservice Teacher Identity in Science through a Student-Selected Project
Faculty Publications & Research
  • D.J. Wink
  • J. Ellefson
  • M. Nishimura
  • D. Perry
  • S. Wenzel
  • Jeong Hwang Choe, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
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Publication Date
This article addresses the problem of authentic student engagement in the science classroom by incorporating a semester long research and writing assignment that enables students to investigate scientific topics related to strong personal, career, or health interests.
Citation Information
Wink, D. J., Ellefson, J., Nishimura, M., Perry, D., Wenzel, S., & Choe, J. H. (2008). Fostering preservice teacher identity in science through a student-selected project. Feminist Teacher, 19, 31-46.