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Jenny Wilkinson has extensive experience in education and educational administration. This experience covers four different educational systems in three different countries (Australia, Germany, United States of America.) She has taught at primary, secondary and tertiary level and has represented Australia as an International Teaching Fellow. She is also an experienced educational researcher.
Ms Wilkinson assisted in the development of the pilot program of the Verification and Accreditation Process of the Performance and Development Culture in Victorian government schools and participated as an assessor and a panel trainer in the National Awards for Quality Schools. She was a benchmarker, assessor and trainer in the Schools First scheme, which was administered by ACER. Ms Wilkinson participated in the Evaluation of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Trial project in the Solomon Islands and the Study on Interactive Teaching in Primary School Classrooms in Bangladesh. Jenny has also worked recently on the following projects: UNICEF South Africa evaluation (textbooks and workbooks); Review of Education Programs for the Shrine of Remembrance (Victoria); Evaluation of Empowering Local Schools initiative (Australian government);Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Access to Technology Literature Review (Education Queensland).
Ms Wilkinson was a member of the ACER research team commissioned by the New Zealand Ministry of Education to investigate secondary teacher workload and to conduct a work study of primary teaching in New Zealand. She has prepared many other reports and case studies of schools in different Victorian sectors.


Present BA, BEd Melb, MEdStud, CertGiftedEd Monash, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
Present Research Fellow, Teaching, Learning & Leadership, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

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