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Finger Lickin’ Good: An Analytical Investigation into the Urban Diet
Master of Liberal Studies Theses
  • Jennifer T.R. Tomlinson, Rollins College
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Open Access
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Master of Liberal Studies
Dr. Eric Smaw
In this analysis, the origins, customs and implications of fast-food culture will be explored with important focus on the customs of fast-food urban eating. Research indicates that lower-income urban areas are more likely to consume fast-food. The high consumption of fast-food subsequently results in the development of social and economical implications, which include health implications, economic dilemmas, a disconnection between consumers and their consumption and issues of social classification. This analysis also explores the customs of fast-food culture of Pine Hills, Florida with added emphasis on Pine Hills’ cultural uniqueness.
Citation Information
Jennifer T.R. Tomlinson. "Finger Lickin’ Good: An Analytical Investigation into the Urban Diet" (2011)
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