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Unpublished Paper
Commenting by Emoji: A Tentative Glossary for Legal Writing Professors
  • Jennifer Romig

This tentative glossary of emoji comments for legal writing professors is mostly just for fun. Yet commenting on legal writing papers may actually be an appropriate situation for using emojis. Emojis are a concise way to represent ideas and often a useful way to adjust the tone of a message. They are a valuable communication tool when appropriate for the writer, situation, and audience. For legal writing professors, emojis could provide a quick and vivid way to connect a comment back to an ideas from the class, and could increase student engagement with the comments. But mainly, this glossary is offered for the possible amusement of professors and students.

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Jennifer Romig. "Commenting by Emoji: A Tentative Glossary for Legal Writing Professors" (2015)
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