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Motivational Interviewing with Families in the Home Environment
Patient Education and Counseling (2019)
  • Carley O'Kane
  • Jennifer D. Irwin, PhD, Western University
  • Don Morrow, PhD, Western University
  • Lisa Tang
  • Samantha Wong
  • Andrea C. Buchholz, PhD
  • David W. L. Ma
  • Jess Haines
Objective: This study explored the feasibility and acceptability of using Motivational Interviewing (MI) in the home setting with families of preschoolers.
Methods: Using mixed-methods pilot data from an MI-based obesity prevention intervention delivered via home visits by health educators (HEs) with 44 families (n = 17 four home visit group; n = 14 two home visit group), we examined: 1) fidelity of MI adherence by HEs; 2) parents’ perceptions of the intervention; and 3) HEs insights pertaining to the intervention’s delivery.
Results: Multiple measures of MI fidelity were deemed to exceed defined proficiency levels. Ninety-three percent of families reported being “satisfied” to “very satisfied” with the intervention. HEs reported building a high level of trust with families and gaining a thorough understanding of familial context. Parents appreciated how HEs’ were knowledgeable and provided personalized attention when discussing health goals. Some parents suggested more directive advice and follow-up visits as ways to improve the intervention.
Conclusion: Home-based MI was conducted with a high level of fidelity, was well accepted by families and practitioners.
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Carley O'Kane, Jennifer D. Irwin, Don Morrow, Lisa Tang, et al.. "Motivational Interviewing with Families in the Home Environment" Patient Education and Counseling (2019)
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