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The Effects of Young Adult-Dependent Coverage and Contraception Mandates on Young Women
WCOB Faculty Publications
  • Jennifer Trudeau, Sacred Heart University
  • Karen Smith Conway, University of New Hampshire
Document Type
Peer-Reviewed Article
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This research investigates two features of the Affordable Care Act that especially affect young adults, the young adult-dependent coverage (YAD) mandate and the requirement to cover contraception (CM). Both mandates were first enacted at the state level but have been studied only in isolation. We estimate a wide range of models allowing these mandates to have joint effects on insurance coverage, health-care access, health outcomes and fertility. We provide new evidence that helps settle the mixed findings from past state-level YAD and CM research and suggests the two mandates may combine to improve the well-being of young adults.
Citation Information

Trudeau, J & Conway, K.S. (2018). The effects of young adult-dependent coverage and contraception mandates on young women. Contemporary Economic Policy, 36(1), 73-92. doi:10.1111/coep.12223