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Unpublished Paper
Organizational Renewal Initiative: Organizational Model and Structure
  • Catherine Steeves, Western University
  • James Ciesla, Western University
  • Robert Glushko, Western University
  • Robin Keirstead, Western University
  • Jennifer Robinson, Western University
  • Harriet Rykse, Western University
  • Catherine Wilkins, Western University
This unpublished paper describes the new organizational structure designed by Western Libraries to enable library staff to meet the research, teaching, and learning needs of the campus community. It includes a summary of the organizational development journey, a review of the proposed model and structure, and an implementation strategy.
Publication Date
Summer June 22, 2017
Citation Information
Catherine Steeves, James Ciesla, Robert Glushko, Robin Keirstead, et al.. "Organizational Renewal Initiative: Organizational Model and Structure" (2017)
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