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The Timing of the Research Question: First-Year Writing Faculty and Instruction Librarians‘ Differing Perspectives
Staff publications, research, and presentations
  • Jennifer E. Nutefall, Santa Clara University
  • Phyllis Mentzell Ryder
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Johns Hopkins University Press
Faculty and librarians agree on the qualities of a good research question. However, in an exploratory study, they differed on when students should develop their research question. While librarians stated that students should develop their question early, first-year writing faculty advocated for delaying the development of the research question. The timing of the research question is an important issue because it has implications for the structuring of research assignments and library instruction, as well as having an impact on the students who get differing messages.

This is the author's peer-reviewed final manuscript, as accepted by the publisher. The published article is copyrighted by The Johns Hopkins University Press and can be found at: doi:10.1353/pla.2010.0009

Citation Information
Nutefall, J. E., & Ryder, P. M. (2010, October). The timing of the research question: First-year writing faculty and instruction librarians‘ differing perspectives [Electronic version]. portal: Libraries and the Academy, 10(4), 437-449. doi:10.1353/pla.2010.0009