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"Converting" the Future of Public Academic Law Libraries
Collection Management (2014)
  • Jennifer R Mart-Rice
This article focuses on the current predicament in which American public academic law libraries find themselves given the budgetary and space constraints that have been passed down to them over time. By examining the current standards and future possibilities that govern these particular libraries, this article seeks to assist acquisitions librarians within these libraries with a way to examine, maintain, and purchase a collection that will take their library forward, prove their value and worth, and stay within their constantly dwindling budgets while remaining true to the library's core mission and obligation of providing services and support to the law school's faculty and student body.
Publication Date
Summer 2014
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Jennifer R Mart-Rice. ""Converting" the Future of Public Academic Law Libraries" Collection Management Vol. 39 Iss. 2-3 (2014)
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