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Demography: The Study of Human Population 3rd edition
  • David Yaukey
  • Douglas Anderton
  • Jennifer H. Lundquist, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

In recent years, demography has expanded the reach of problems it confronts, constantly developing the range of methodological tools it employs and illuminating the latest demographic issues. The third edition of Demography features up-to-date information on the study of the causes of changes in size and composition and the effects of these population trends. Like its highly regarded predecessor, this expanded third edition is written in a reader-friendly style, featuring a wealth of newly enhanced graphics, examples, exercises, and data. Its international focus offers updated, substantive discussion of long-term trends and projections, along with newly emerging topics of interest to demographers. End-of-chapter exercises and propositions for debate bring demography alive for readers and emphasize demography's relevance and importance in the twenty-first century.

  • demography textbook
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David Yaukey, Douglas Anderton and Jennifer H. Lundquist. Demography: The Study of Human Population 3rd edition. (2007)
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