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Is there a Progressive Approach to Innovation Policy?
Progressive Planning (2012)
  • Jennifer Clark, Georgia Institute of Technology
To many progressive planners, the idea of a progressive science and technology policy seems anathema. Science and technology (S&T) policy privileges a sub-set of firms and institutional stakeholders that are the recipients of too much public largess already. A reimaging of manufacturing policy requires looking again at innovation and what it means for the long-run viability of the neighborhoods and communities that constitute our regional economies. Innovation leads to adaptation, flexibility, and resilience of local economies. Consistent innovation, deployed through a network of advanced manufacturers, presents the possibility of a sustainable production system capable of adapting over time rather than collapsing.
  • Innovation Policy,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Research Centers
Publication Date
Winter 2012
Citation Information
Jennifer Clark. "Is there a Progressive Approach to Innovation Policy?" Progressive Planning Vol. 190 (2012) p. 7 - 9
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