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Are shared vehicles shared by all? A review of equity and vehicle sharing
Journal of Planning Literature (2020)
  • Jennifer Dill, Portland State University
  • Nathan McNeil, Portland State University
Vehicle sharing services (bikeshare, carshare, e-scooters) offer the potential to improve mobility and accessibility for disadvantaged populations. This paper reviews research related to equity and vehicle sharing, focusing on race/ethnicity, income, gender, age, and disability. We find evidence of disparities in use of shared vehicles, which is only partly explained by lack of physical proximity. Some studies reveal additional barriers to use, particularly for bikesharing. More research on barriers is necessary, particularly for carsharing. We identify several programs aimed at reducing barriers, though evidence of their impact is necessary to inform practice.
  • Shared mobility; Bikeshare; Carshare; E-scooters; Equity
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