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About Jen Hale Christy

It was a warm spring evening in Abilene, Texas (2005) when I heard my calling--clearly, loudly, and undeniably. Twelve years later I still bristle at the term, but my brief forays away from that calling (and numerous mentors) have confirmed its validity. I am called to use my gifts of speaking, writing, teaching, and leading in ways that announce and usher in God's Kingdom here on earth. This happens everywhere--from the academy to the church, to the neighborhood and the grocery store, to the interwebs and the kitchen.

If you're interested in academic credentials, here they are: DMin in Missional and Spiritual Formation from Lipscomb University (2015); MDiv from Abilene Christian University (2006); BA Psychology from UC Davis (2001).

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

missional living, embodied spirituality, identity, and soul care

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Honors and Awards

  • Promising Scholar
  • Leadership of Student Life and Service
  • 1st Place, Qualitative Research Competition
  • 3rd Place, Creative Writing Competition


  • History and Religion of Early Christianity
  • History and Religion of Ancient Israel
  • Message of the Old Testament
  • Christianity in Culture

Articles (4)

Sermon Manuscripts (3)

Presentations (Audio) (7)

Unpublished Papers (1)