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The school based key competencies levels assessment project: final report
Dr. Jennifer Bryce (1997)
  • Doug McCurry, ACER
  • Jennifer Bryce, ACER
This project aimed to explore the school based assessment of levels of student performance on the constructs nominated by the Mayer Committee in their report 'The Key Competencies (1992)'. In a trial assessment 110 teachers in 10 schools across the country were asked to give global assessments of each of the key competencies for a total of 629 Year 11 students they were currently teaching using the key competencies framework developed for the purpose during the project. Also surveyed were the reactions of employers to a report format including the summary levels of performance developed in the assessment trial. At the end of the trial assessment, participating teachers were interviewed, and they were also asked to complete a written survey.
  • Competence,
  • Generic skills,
  • Reporting,
  • Teachers,
  • Teacher attitudes,
  • Secondary schools,
  • Assessment,
  • Student performance
Publication Date
April 1, 1997
Citation Information
Doug McCurry and Jennifer Bryce. "The school based key competencies levels assessment project: final report" Dr. Jennifer Bryce (1997)
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