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Unpublished Paper
ACER and University of Melbourne music evaluation kit: handbook and report
Tests/Questionnaires (1979)
  • Jennifer Bryce, ACER

This publication has been designed to accompany the ACER and University of Melbourne Music Evaluation Kit, a series of criterion referenced tests for use at the beginning of secondary school. Contents include a description of the design and development of the tests, a discussion focussing on the uses of criterion referenced tests comparing these with the uses of norm referenced tests. Technical data on the tests is presented, including item facility and discrimination, reliability, validity, and a discussion of test homogeneity. There is a final section on the evaluation of the tests which opens up further areas for research in this area. The publication includes practical sections on the administration and scoring of the tests, and suggests follow up classroom activities, to encourage teachers to use the tests as criterion - rather than norm referenced measures. (Author). Developed in collaboration with The Experimental Teaching Project, Faculty of Music, University of Melbourne, directed by M Cooke.

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Jennifer Bryce. "ACER and University of Melbourne music evaluation kit: handbook and report" Tests/Questionnaires (1979)
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