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A whole school approach to assessing personal and interdisciplinary learning
Synergy (2006)
  • Jennifer Bryce, Australian Council for Educational Research

In this article, the author considers the challenges of assessing the cross-curricular domains of learning contained in the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and the place that a whole-school approach may take in this process. The recently introduced Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) pose new challenges for teachers. Some of the VELS, such as the Science domain, are 'discipline-based learning'; they are content-based and conceptualised in a way with which teachers are familiar. But some, such as the domain of 'Thinking' in Interdisciplinary Learning and the domain of 'Personal Learning', in Physical Personal and Social Learning, are cross-curricular. This article addresses some of the challenges posed by teaching and in particular assessing cross-curricular domains of learning. It suggests that a whole school approach may help to overcome some of the difficulties of assessing these cross-curricular areas.

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Jennifer Bryce. "A whole school approach to assessing personal and interdisciplinary learning" Synergy Vol. 4 Iss. 1 (2006)
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