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Different ways that secondary schools orient to lifelong learning
Educational Studies (2004)
  • Jennifer Bryce, ACER

This article describes and discusses research into lifelong learning in secondary schools that was undertaken at the Australian Council for Educational Research. The project explored ways of helping secondary school students develop an intrinsic interest in learning, in the belief that such an approach will encourage young people to keep learning throughout their lives. Skills and values that help young people to develop characteristics of lifelong learners are outlined. The article suggests that development of these characteristics may be impeded by the strong influence of competitive end-of-school assessment in many schools, and the difficulty of changing the practices and attitudes of some of the people who play a significant role in a young person's education: parents and teachers.

Publication Date
March, 2004
Citation Information
Jennifer Bryce. "Different ways that secondary schools orient to lifelong learning" Educational Studies Vol. 30 Iss. 1 (2004)
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