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Reflections on planning a case study
Slices of life : qualitative research snapshots (2002)
  • Jennifer Bryce, ACER

It seems that 'case study' can mean very different things. The staunch positivists treat it warily as some kind of slippery, self-indulgent chat about one's personal experiences at a site. Others mistakenly equate 'case study' with all forms of qualitative inquiry. And some see it merely as a way of making a quantitative study more interesting, but when used appropriately, well-planned, with participants and researcher working a collaborative manner, case study can be a powerful means of investigation. The author outlines the reason to undertake a case study and shares some issues that arise in the planning. Like most research, this case study, a study of lifelong learning in secondary schools is constrained by cost and time.

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P Green
RMIT University Press
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Jennifer Bryce. "Reflections on planning a case study" MelbourneSlices of life : qualitative research snapshots (2002)
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