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About Dr Jennifer Bryce

Prior to retirement, Dr Jennifer Bryce, BA, BEd Melb, DipArts VicColl, MSocSci, PhD RMIT, was a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Council for Educational Research in the Assessment and Reporting research program, with many years experience in test development, particularly in humanities and the arts, and an interest in arts education and lifelong learning. She also undertook qualitative research projects, including an evaluation of school-based arts programs for the Australian Government and the Australia Council, and on engaging secondary school students in lifelong learning with Mr Graeme Withers, Ms Tracey Frigo and Dr Phil McKenzie.
Dr Bryce’s research interests include the conceptualisation and assessment of generic skills, in particular, interpersonal understanding. The title of her doctorate, completed in 2003, is Constructing Intra and Interpersonal Competencies in a Context of Lifelong Learning. Through this work she has presented papers and conducted workshops on the role of Emotional Intelligence in secondary school education and recruitment to industry. She conducted a study of generic key competencies in the arts for the then Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs (DEETYA) and worked on projects with Dr Doug McCurry on the conceptualisation and assessment of key competencies/ generic employability skills.
Prior to joining the Australian Council for Educational Research in 1992, Dr Bryce she worked as a high school teacher (including careers and work education) and for 12 years at La Trobe University, School of Health Sciences, Department of Educational Resources.


2016 Former Senior Research Fellow, Assessment and Reporting, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

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