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About Jennifer Scuro

Jennifer Scuro’s academic training is in contemporary continental philosophy, with expertise in the areas of phenomenology and ethics. She has published articles on globalization and the environment, including “Thinking of Bhophal: Women’s Bodies as Waste-Sites” in International Studies in Philosophy, and “The Case of the Yucca Mountain and the Question of Future Generations” in Proceedings: Pace Institute for Environmental and Regional Studies.
She has also published articles on gender and immigrant identity, including “Exploring Personal History: The Case Study of an Italian-American Immigrant Woman” in Oral History Review. She has presented papers on feminist epistemology, ecological feminism, and the work of Emmanuel Levinas, Hannah Arendt, and Martin Heidegger.
She teaches many of the core philosophy courses, including Critical Issues in Environmentalism, Philosophy and Gender, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Education, and Ethics in the Modern World. She is presently developing curriculum on philosophy of the body as it coincides with feminist theory.


Present Associate Professor of Philosophy, The College of New Rochelle

Curriculum Vitae