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The Responsibility to Protect in the Ebola outbreak
Oxford University Press Blog
  • Jennifer Moore, University of New Mexico
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When the UN General Assembly endorsed the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) in 2005, the members of the United Nations recognized the responsibility of states to protect the basic human and humanitarian rights of the world’s citizens. In fact, R2P articulates concentric circles of responsibility, starting with the individual state’s obligation to ensure the well-being of its own people; nested within the collective responsibility of the community of nations to assist individual states in meeting those obligations; in turn encircled by the responsibility of the United Nations to respond if necessary to ensure the basic rights of civilians, with military means only contemplated as a last resort, and only with the consent of the Security Council.

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Jennifer Moore. "The Responsibility to Protect in the Ebola outbreak" Oxford University Press Blog (2014)
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