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National Criminal Justice Caucus Presentation
League of Women Voters (2016)
  • Jennifer Levy-Tatum, Lincoln Memorial University - Duncan School of Law
This is an overview of the American Criminal Justice System. When this presentation was made, there were more than 2.3 million people in 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 2,259 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,283 local jails, and 79 Indian Country jails, as well as military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, and prisons in the U.S. territories.
  • criminal justice,
  • prison reform,
  • bail reform,
  • community corrections,
  • incarceration
Publication Date
June, 2016
Washington, D.C.
Citation Information
Jennifer Levy-Tatum. "National Criminal Justice Caucus Presentation" League of Women Voters (2016)
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